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What Vertical Farming Means For You

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What Is
Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming is the practice of producing food on vertically inclined surfaces. Instead of farming vegetables and other foods on a single level, such as in a field or a greenhouse, this method produces food on a vertical surface. 

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Growing A 

Sustainable Future


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About Us

In 2020, James began his journey into aeroponics by designing and constructing his own unique system with the intention of increasing year-round food security for our local community.

James-Owner of Uplift Aero Greens


Uplift Aero Greens offers a variety of delicious greens 365 days a year. Try out our salad mix, 100% lettuce. A sweet and crunchy blend of Salanova Sweet Green Crisp, Salanova Bativa and Oak Leaf.

Head of Tropicana Greens
Uplift Aero Greens Products Collection


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Love that I could enjoy great tasting greens year round, this is amazing!

Ian and Audrey

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So glad we found this product and we would never go back to tasteless store-bought lettuce.  Highly recommend it."


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Uplift Aero Greens are much sweeter! Knowing I am eating a local product that is sustainable and pesticide free makes it taste even better! My kids eat the lettuce off their plates first! 

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